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    Not sure if you can help me but this is the question. My daughter is coming over to the states on a I-129. She is engaged to someone back in her country. Now if she wants to bring him over, how long does she have to wait before she can. They do not want to wait until she has her green card as that may take 2 years. Are there any other options that will be legal for him to come over? Thanks.

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    If she is not a US citizen yet, there is not many choice of her. Even if they get married, she still have to wait another 5 - 10 years to get his 1-130 approve. (sometimes less depends on which country he come from).

    The only way is to come over by finding a job and the company that agree to sponsor him, but its also depends on his education (coz' they have some criterias on that). Other than that, may be to get into college and study here, but by doing this, he has to think what he gonna do when his student visa expired coz' for your daughter to sponsor him within 2 - 5 years is impossible coz' she has to become a citizen first before she can sponsor him.

    I'm not a lawyer, pls act accordingly. You can get info in USCIS official website.


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      Me2 is right. There is no question about waiting till getting green card. She has to become citizen before she brings him Me2 suggested he can come here on work / student visa , otherwise on family based petition its not possible right now...Good luck to you and your family...Pasha


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        Thanks for all the advices - and would it be possible if my US husband sponsers him once she is here and adjusts here status as he is sponsering her. Thanks for the help.