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Need To Talk To A Lawyer, Got Some Strange Advice

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  • Need To Talk To A Lawyer, Got Some Strange Advice

    Met my Russian fiance on the net and need to know the best way to get him here to get married and in the shortest amount of time....cause we are seriously stressed over bein apart. Got some strange advice from a lawyer so I am hoping that maybe a few lawyers will respond so I can get another opinion or two. Only two local lawyers who specialize where I live and I've spoke to one already. And I can't afford to pay endless consultation fees to some of the online lawyers I have found. If I do find a lawyer to speak with, it may possibly be to hire, my fiance will pay if it's affordable. Thanks in advance for considering my request.

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    Have you met this guy face to face yet?

    You must go to Russia and meet with him before you can file any paperwork.


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      Romance on the net... thats a very interesting area concerning immigration. The most important question you need to answer is whether this person is "it". You didn't say if you have met this person in real life or not, but its a very profound experience and I'm sure you'll learn a lot meeting this person face to face.
      In my opinion, don't even worry about immigration matters. You have to experience what your Russian love is like in real life together. Why not have him come visit you, vice versa? If possible, try to spend as much time possible so you know if this person is "it". At the same time, you might want to document this by taking pictures and what not so you have some proof with immigration should you decide this to be a perfect match.
      The last thing you want to do is go about this on the whim, because time will only tell and it would be a shame for you to learn this person may not be what you expected. Doing so will give you nothing but a depleted wallet, headache... and a broken heart. Good Luck!


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        First of all, thanks to those who replied. I've known my love 6 months and we spend an average of 12 hours a day together online but mostly on the phone. He is every dream I've ever had so I know he is "it". I have not met him face to face which is part of the problem. He was going to visit in a month or so but I called a local lawyer and she said there is no way he will get a tourist visa. She said all males ages 21-45 without strong ties to their country are being refused no matter where they are from. We had no problem with one of us visiting to take pics and such but it's the wait for the fiance also said most of them take 8 months right now. This lawyer actually told me to have him come as a student, get married and change is status. From what I've seen, that is a no-no. She told me I wouldn't need her services so I know she wasn't trying to hustle my business but I don't know what to think. Well, thanks again for reading this.


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          For the fiance visa, I think you HAVE to have meet face to face at least once. So one way or the other, someone is going to have to fly for a visit.

          If it's too hard for him to get over here, maybe you should go to Russia and visit for a while. Come back, file the paperwork.

          I think the student visa thing will be harder to do than the fiance and yeah that's a BIG no-no.

          It's just a few months and you have online, I know it's tough but it's better than nothing at all.
          I met my hubby online too And it was hard when we had just the net but when we had no phone no net, just the plain old snail mail, that was tough. So take heart, you'll be together, it's just going to take a little time.


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            Thanks for the warm reply Marie Glad to hear of another online success story. My only other concerns about the fiance visa is my income...don't know if it's enough... and we have an age difference. I guess in the end, I'm wondering maybe if I have to go live there for awhile, something we don't wanna do but the thought of so much time going by and then probably being turned down is very stressful. Thanks again


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              Yeah 4 years almost and a beautiful baby girl It's definatly a sucess.

              I've heard that sometimes if the INS thinks that the marriage may not be in good faith, they require the USC spouse to go live in the other country for 2 years. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

              For the income, if it's like the AOS, you could probably have a co-sponsor, parents, friends, whoever. We had to have my husband's parents co-sponsor for the income.

              In the end it will work out You do have to go see him though. Honestly, it would probably be easier for you to go there than him to come here for a visit.

              *HUG* I know it's hard to be away but it won't last forever, even if it feels that way!


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                Thanks again Marie. *hug*. That info on co-sponsors is a big help.


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                  Go to

                  Print out the forms, take 2 aspirins and read them. It'll tell you everything you need to know.
                  You'll probably have to read them a few times though.

                  I need to go to bed now, I do this all the time, staying up too late! Morning comes too quickly!

                  Keep us posted Vika!


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                    That's how to apply for a fiance visa. Happy decifering. (Like that was spelt right)


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                      i met my husband online, and we married after 7 months and a huge phone bill, we spent nearly 20 hours a day either online or on the phone, you can tell when you have found the right person even though you have these people who tell u that u are crazy, it wont work and all that, i took the risk to meet my online partner and it worked out for us, except we got married and i got refused entry on my return from our honeymoon, so we are back where we started on the internet, it is totally unfair the process u have to take to get to see your love again, good luck for the future


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                        Its so nice to hear these positive replies!!! I also met my finace' on the net, We had been friends for a few years and I flew to see him about 6 months ago. We are now engaged and seeking to get him here to the US. Im told the best way is the Fince' Visa which I have made a few posts on. I was also told the same about a visiting visa's, that they are not being accepted for the younger male age groups which is making it harder for couples to visit and show the proofs they need to the INS. I wish you all the best of luck! Seems we all have alot in common and are working toward the same goals to be with our loved ones! Look forward to hearing more feedback and idea's on how to do it properly.


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                          Hmmm, when a lawyer recommends your fiance to come with student visa and switch... I don't think you'd want to hire that lawyer to help you out. I'd stay away from lawyers recommending scheming routes. A good lawyer will give you their honest opinion on what can be done, but not devise solutions which may put applicant's status/applications in jeapordy (as is the recommendation with the student visa).
                          Keep things simple, and do things one step at a time. Just remember this though: People on this board are here to help each other out however we can. Those with successful Internet romances got lucky that "the stars lined up". Save yourself any potential grief and not worry about immigration matters now. Do what you can and spend time with your fiance in person. Good Luck!


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                            Awwwwww anon, they don't tell you not to leave do they?

                            While my petition was pending, I left with an AP and the lady at the airport made a BIG deal because I didnt' have a green card and I wouldn't be allowed back in ..BLAH BLAH BLAH. She embarrassed me in front of everyone because it's called "Advance Parole" so "it sounds like she's got out of jail". And the "experts" she talked to on the phone had never heard of the AP.

                            Ok so she was pain and got "counselled" by the airline but if someone like that would have been there when you left, maybe you'd be here

                            *HUG* to you too Anon!!

                            Why don't you apply for a K3 visa? Or is that what you're doing?


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                              yeah my husband was told by congress that the ins officer at the port of entry, must have been having a really bad day, plus the INS official he also spoke to said it would have been okay for him to let me in the country, even if to stay 90days as our children were still in my home country, so therefore i had strong ties so i would return, but yes i have an 130 and a K-3 pending, but its so hard, my husband is having a terrible time coping without me, and is finding it very hard, we lost our home and his job because of this guy who was having a bad day! i know they sre only doing there job, but i am no risk to the US, as are many other spouses who have not been allowed to wait in the US for a completion of status, thanks again