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how long does it take to get a US passport?

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  • how long does it take to get a US passport?

    How long does it take to receive the passport if one applies through post office?
    Has anyone tried expedited services? How long did that take?

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    Most passport applications take 6 to 8 weeks. That is both for renewal by mail and new passports.

    For a fee of $60 in addition to the normal fee, PP Service will get your US passport back to you within two weeks. This can go faster if you pay for FedEx.

    You can also go in person to a PP Agency office and get a passport in three or four hours. You need $60 + regular fee along with proof of travel within 14 days.

    If you have already submitted your application, you can still speed it up by calling the PP Service and charge the $60 (and overnight mail) to a credit card.

    Reader's Digest had an article this month about US passports that ticked me off. They advised using a private service to get a passport within three days. That is OK if you live in the middle of nowhere (Hi Dakota and Wyoming) and can't wait two weeks or just want to pay $300 for a passport. What really upset me is that they implied that the government couldn't issue a passport any faster, which, if you go in person, is completely false.


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      My husband applied for passport and sent the paperwork using the expedited service.
      He sent it on last Thursday and received his passport today. Only 5 days later.
      Hope this helps!