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  • Janiss


    I am afraid that I really can't take this board much more. It is really getting to me. But my offer to visit us still stands (as long as you wouldn't be beating us over the head with my husband's errors every step of the way.)

    Anyway, if you are interested... email me.
    (I know you won't like the email address... but I will give you a different one if you respond!!)

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    To Spouse. It's taken me a few days to answer this because I wasn't really sure how to take it. At first I thought you must be trying to set me up or something to make me look foolish. But somehow I really don't think that.I don't agree with a lot of your views, but I respect you for holding them so firmly.I think everyone should stand up for what they believe in ,and you do an admirable job for your side of this issue.Thank you for the generous offer,but I work two different jobs,(Bartender-Medical Billing) and it would be impossible to get away from both at the same time. As much as I don't believe in exceptions,I find myself hopeing that you get your waiver.I hope you understand that I am doing what I feel is best for the country.I thank God every day that I was born here, But I think that the privledge of being born here brings a duty to look after it.When you love something you take care of it. But I think you already know that. Good luck to you and your husband. He is a lucky man


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      Think about it, Janiss. You have enough time. We want you to become a good girl.


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        I guess your inference is that Janiss can't be a good girl unless she agrees with you that illegal aliens who break our laws are just peachy keen? Now you know why you don't belong here.


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          I'm so happy for what you have responded to spouse in this thread. No wonder you know the bigcost of medical bills I admire you for the polite response, honest I do.

          Yes, there are many people who wants to disobey the law, but there are still few who wants to correct their mistakes.

          God bless you and your family, there are many people who wants this country to be the best country.


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            Janiss, look here, more material for you



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              Hi Janiss.

              I did come back to the board today but for my own sanity I really do have to try to spend less time here.

              Anyway, thank you for your wonderful comment. It was really nice to hear your positive words. I agree with everything you just said... and really appreciate the words about my husband... (especially from you )

              I understand that you aren't able to come at this time... but if you ever do change your mind, please feel free to contact me.

              I am afraid that it may be up to four more years before my husband and I are allowed to live together within the USA... so you are probably welcome at any time during those four years (especially the times that I have mentioned - December/Jan, March, and May-August unless I drop out of school to be with my husband.... which would mean anytime!!!)

              So, good luck and take care!


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                To Spouse, Thank you again for the kind offer , I just was thinking though, I don't even know where it is you were inviting me to. I have been doing some research into some of our insane immigration laws. I can see your point in a lot of places except for coming here illegally in the first place. I must say I am leaning your way as far as the overstayers are concerned though. We are doing too many wrong things in the whole mess. I have no problem and I think most other Americans also ,with Legal immigrants recieving the same benefits, whatever that might be,as citizens. In fact we SHOULD be helping the leGAL immigrants get off to a good start. That money is an investment in all of our futures. Healthy ,well educated citizens benefit the entire country. It's like I told you , If you come here the right way,and you really want to be an American, I will help in any way I can. My mothers parents came here from Ireland in the 1920's, and my grandmother never tired of telling us about how she felt when the ship came into the harbour where she looked up to see the Statue of Liberty.My own theory is that the immigrants from Europe became "Americanized" faster because they had come so far from their old home and would probably never see it again,so they were ready to adopt a new country. When immigrants can go back and forth with such ease from their old country, I think they always seem like visitors ,just here for a better job. Anyway, instead of all the things we give to the illegals, (Which I still think should be nothing) ,we should be spending that money to help the people here legally, bring their familys here or get a better education, buy car insurance or any other number of things. We could pay tutors to go to the homes of the ones with little kids and teach the whole family English at the same time.That way we could talk to each other and feel like they were becoming Americans.We don't want anyone to forget their heritage,we just want them to remember that WE have our own culture, and language and that They are the ones who came to OUR country. If I were to go to another country I would expect to have to do the same thing. For the life of me I cannot see why some immigrant groups think that we are racist for feeling that way.And when they have groups that are looking out for "Hispanic" or Italian or Jewish"interests" we wonder why there are not just America's interests. That we were all in this together.. I'm babbling, I'm sleeply , good nite,


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                  Hi again Janiss. In case you are wondering, I am inviting you to Ecuador in South America. It is a beautiful country and the people are very friendly, it is perhaps the most famous for the Galapagos islands. Unfortunately it is pretty expensive to go to the galapagos and with all the trips I make to Ecuador every year, I can't promise a trip to the Galapagos, but there are some other nice places to visit.

                  It is also very cheap (for Americans) due to the poverty of the country. Which makes it difficult to live there, but great to visit (you can actually eat out for $1, or have an excellent meal out for about $6) A banana costs 2 cents.

                  Anyway, I really agree with everything you have said in the previous posting. I think that we should focus more on keeping people from coming in illegally than on punishing those who did, and didn't cause any harm. I also think that we should be more careful about who we let in legally... although I think that it would be nice if we could speed up the process in some way shape and/or form when it comes to USC family. I also think that for minor crimes (non-felonies) committed by USC family members that are not USC, it would be more productive to assign them to community service, perhaps they could volunteer in our hospitals or teach English as a second language, or American culture, or do something that benefits the USA, rather than just simply being exiled.

                  Above all else I think that should be pertinent to family of USC children under 21.

                  Also, I am sorry if at any time I have implied that you are a racist. It is just very painful to hear people talking about one's in-group, or the in-group of one's family in negative ways. It is easy to misinterpret stereotyping for racism in the USA... and very easy to over-react when you are emotionally involved.

                  I would love to see that people could not only try to preserve our culture, but also to recognize it...

                  Interestingly, I believe that part of our culture is the salad bowl... so it is great to have identity groups like italian, african, chinese, taiwanese, irish, mexican, etc. but in order for us to truly be our salad bowl we need to appreciate America too.

                  Unfortunately, so many people have grown up learning that american culture is about capitalism, mcdonald's, and power... that they don't even know what some of our traditional foods are (i.e. not hamburgers.. but rather, chile, cornbread, pumpkin pie, bicuits and gravy, etc.) They also forget about our poets, our painters, our writers, our musicians... they forget about our typical style of dress, our symbols and the things that make americans unique.

                  The things that make you spot an american in two seconds when you are overseas are not just the bad things but also the good things... the things that make us us...

                  and really... in the end... I think that self-pride, that freedom, that attitude americans have that they show in their mannerisms and in their way of dressing, will be very hard to kill off. I think that it continues emerging from all walks of life and all groups. We just need to sit down and pay attention and appreciate it for what it is!!!!

                  I think that immigration laws need to be changed to protect this country, its citizens, and its familes, as well as its ideals (which means freedom and justice for all.)

                  So... that was my turn to ramble. I hope you had a good nights sleep.

                  Good night!


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                    by the way.. I meant chili not chile when I was talking about food. I think chile is traditional too, but only in certain regions.


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