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  • In Search Of A Little Guidence

    I'm a 28 yr old illegal immigrant.I've been in the country now for the past 12 yrs.I got in some trouble with the law when I was 18-19.I was an A+B student in high school.I attended some communitty college,but mostly I've been working(2 jobs at times) with fake papers,paying taxes,not filling at the end of year.I just wanna go back to school and become a legal us resident.People have sugested I should marry someone,but I don't believe that's necesary, I just want to achieve my goals the right way,the legal way.Any advice,anyone?

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    why is your conscience bothering you now? You have been a scam artist for years. Go home


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      See what you can do to change your status. Did you enter legally?

      If you did and have an expired visa, then you will need to marry a USC that you love, or wait for the 245i to come back.

      Goodluck and ignore the rude reply, I know you are just trying to survive, but please try to find a way to do so legally.



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        I did come into the country legally.I worked 2 jobs while attending comm. coll. just to be able to pay for my education.I don't want any handouts,I don't need goverment assistance,I just wanna get legal so i could go back to school and maybe one day be able to see my relatives again before the die of old age.


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          Eagle, you seem like a smart guy, your options are family-based or employment based immigration to US. You'll either enter a good faith marriage or have someone to sponsor you for work...

          The fake papers are the things that would scare me... you'd better hire a lawyer...


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            El Eagle, you can apply to change your status.
            Don't marry to do it unless it's a true marriage. Fake marriages are easily discovered. I hope you're paying your taxes now, because that will go a long way in adjusting your status. That's one of the things INS will look at in determining moral character and whether you are a positive addition to this country. You can be sponsored by your employer, too, which would be a better option. Have you consulted an attorney?