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I-864 (and I-864A) Related Question

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  • I-864 (and I-864A) Related Question


    I was wondering whether an AOS applicant doesn't have to bother about a joint sponsor (I-864A Form) in case his/her sponsor has completed the I-864 and has only for the last year annual income above the 125% of the poverty level, but not for the two other years of the last three the sponsor is required to submit federal income tax returns.


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    If Sponsor has last year's income which meets poverty lines then it is okay even if in the previous years income was less.
    Good luck.


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      Umesh is right, yet I would say that to be on the safer side one may need to have some additional sources of support just in case. Although now that I think, the applicant should be able to add income via the I-864A he may fill him/herself out on the day of the interview given the fact that s/he will be able to legally work from now on...


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        To Not A Big Deal In Fact
        You are right, at the time of Interview they can submit new Affidavit of Support and the beneficiary can fill Form I-864A. That is always a viable and best thing to do in these situations.
        God bless you.


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          When in doubt, getting a joint sponsor will not hurt your case, it'll only make it better.