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  • K3 visa

    I recieved an approval notice from INS for a K3 visa for my wife in Feb 2002, the US Embassy has no info about it. I have tried numerous times to get an answer from INS, but to no avail.
    Can someone advise me of a course of action? Will this affect my I130 case?

    Thank you in advance to your assistance.

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    that's really weird, the consulate where she lives should have something! Try talking to someone else?

    On the INS page:
    "How Can I Check the Status of My Application?
    Please contact the INS office that received your application. You should be prepared to provide the INS staff with specific information about your application. Please click here for complete instructions on checking the status of your application. Please click here for more information on INS offices."

    (There are no links where it says click here btw)

    that's on

    What country is she in?


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      I was told by NVC to call the embassy and TELL them that they have the visa, as it is sent email to the Consulate.

      Try again because it should be there.

      In the mean time, ask if you can set up a provisional file for the k-3, so that you can have everything by the time they "find" the file and have your info ready for the interview.



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        My wife is in India. I have three different emails from the US Embassy (N Delhi) saying they have no info.
        I have tried all forms of communications with the INS, but have not been successful either.


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          Did you call the INS or the NVC (National Visa Center)? Usually the approval goes from the INS to the NVC. Please call them tomorrow and see if they have the file there.



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            i read about K3 visa, my husband is applying for inmediative relative to get my visa and i already filed I-130 and G325, and forms 169 and 179, now i am waiting for the interview. Can i file to get K3 visa to go with him to wait these long process?... i am too upset about that.


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              Email is not the proper way of doing correspondence with the US Consulate.Try sending a more formal way for the documents address to the consulate this would work.Write a formal note together with the INS documents.Note, however, the State Department operates differently from INS and often they have communication problems of luck.
              Angelica try posting separately from this thread.


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                If you have received the approval from INS Missouri Service Center, fax it to New Delhi
                consulate Fax # 91-11-419-0017(if you fax the
                information fax it for the attention of
                Counselor for Consular Affairs -- John R. Nay
                Also call the MSC direct
                telephone # given at the bottom of the
                approval letter.Usually MSC will sent you
                approval letter and National Visa center
                will sent a K-3 case transfer notification
                and I don't know if you have received these.


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                  Thank you for your advise.

                  I did send a copy of it to the Embassy, they said the only way for them to proceed is when they get info. from INS. The notice I recieved said the info. was sent to the Embassy and not the NVC.
                  The MSC only has a recording on thier phone line. My faxes and letters have not generated any response from the INS.
                  I even have my Congressman trying to help me with it. It has truly been a nightmare.