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Confirmation of Address Change from USCIS

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  • Confirmation of Address Change from USCIS

    Does USCIS send any confirmation to people filing AR-11? I have seen posts saying both yes and no. Even the people at National Service Center gave me different answers.

    I am a permanent resident and have no case pending at USCIS.

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    The will not send you a confirmation. It is the applicant's duty to keep a record that the app was received (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Etc.).
    I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to be one so please double-check any information given by me, or anyone else for that matter, with a certified (immigration)lawyer before you take any further steps.


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      You will not get any confirmation from USCIS regarding your change of address. However, you should mail AR-11 via certified mail and keep a copy of Post Office along with a copy of AR-11 in your file.