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Family Crisis back home !

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  • Family Crisis back home !

    I've posted on this site many times before under a diffrent user name (which I forget) and on a different PC.

    I finally married my fiance who is a US citizen (I am from the UK) last October, after a very long struggle. My wife didn't and still does not meet the income requirenments to bring in a spouse or fiance, and no one was willing to file a co-sponsor agreement on our behalf.

    We found out from a few lawyers that I could apply for work authorization and travel documents and I could then co-sponsor my self, even after overstaying on a 90 day pilot waiver.

    However my wife is seriosly ill with lung problems and I recently found out that my father is dying from Lung cancer and I desperately want to spend my last xmas with him in the UK.

    We havn't started the filing procedures yet as we can't afford the attorney fees. Anyway, I have been told that if I leave the U.S. now, before the travel documents have gone through then I will face a three year ban on re-entering the U.S. My other problem is that my wife could end up in a serious condition and that would mean that if I go back to the UK then I may not be able to be with her.

    Q. Does anyone know if there is a way I can come back with a three year ban.... if she is very ill ?

    We are looking for a way for her to immigrate with me to the UK but unfortunately she has two children and she has sole phsical custody and not full legal custody of them both.

    If anything happens to my wife then we are both very concerned as to what happens to the children. Their father is a psychopath and a rapist...need I say more ?

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    Ughh... sorry Steving... you must be feeling very stressed. Yes, the ban would be there. You could try pleading your case, but they have heard it all, so I don't know how successful that would be. You may want to contact legal services (which are usually low cost or free) and speak to a family attorney to see whether it is possible for the children to go to the UK. Their father would have to agree. However, if their father is a psychopath and rapist, why doesn't your wife have sole legal custody?