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arrested and charges dismissed,could i have proplems when applying for citizenship or traveling out of USA and reentering?i

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  • arrested and charges dismissed,could i have proplems when applying for citizenship or traveling out of USA and reentering?i

    In 1999 I was arrested for a felony.The case was presented before the Grand Jury and the case was dismissed.There was enough evidence,that I was falsly accused and all the other person wanted was 10 million Dollars.
    Now I am trying to become a Citizen of the USA and I am hearing all this stories,that people have been denied citizenship,even if there is no conviction.I am also afraid to travel outside the USA because I am scared that INS will not let me reenter the USA.
    I have a letter from the Grand Jury,stating that the grand Jury did not indict me for any crime or offense.Where do I stand,do I have a greencard and live legal here ,or do I have a greencard and have to feel,that I am regardless of my greencard an illegal resident,have to live in fear that I can be deported at any time for something I did not even do? For something where somebody just tought he could make fast and plenty of money?
    The charges were by the way "Sodomy in the first Degree"
    Can any good Person help me and give some advice and peace to me ?
    Thank You all for Your time and effort.

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    My best advice would be to talk to a lawyer.I was arrested after applying for my Citizenship for Patronizing a Prostitute,the arrest was false,and the case was DISMISSED AND SEALED, I had the court Disposition with me at the interview,they asked if I have ever been arrested,and I said, yes everything went well,and I am waiting to hear from them about a Swearing in.You always have to tell them the truth,because they have a record of all arrest.I am not familiar with your charge and dismissal,best talk to a Lawyer before applying,I do think you will be alright since the charges were dropped,but I am not a lawyer.


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      If you have not been convicted, you don't have to be worried about being barred from reentering the country or being deported. As for the naturalization thing, the INS examiner may answer you a lot of questions regarding the fact that made police arrest you for sodomy. In fact, they may even inquire about homosexuality, for example, drug abusing behavior, etc, although you may have not been convicted for such actions. Your best bet is to get an immigration attorney who specializes in criminal matters with yourself during the interview, 'cause it may really get messy if you're not that well-versed in explaining things as they happened.


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        Very good advise, alittlebylittle!


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          NO PROBLEM.


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            I really don't believe that you may get deported or be prevented from entering the u.s.a.
            I have been arrested myself falsely, and been accused of being arrest with resisting arrest which makes it a felony. I had to go to court, hired a lawyer which it took me almost 9 months of nightmares to be found NOT GUILTY by the jury and the charges were dropped,"3 cops were witness" but thank God they lost. Since then, I went overseas twice, the second time, I got asked by the ins if I have been arrested, and I got straight to the truth, and they asked me about the outcome which is not guilty by jury, and they thanked me and everything went well. I'm also applying for my citizenship prior to the second entry to the usa which lasted 35 days. I hope this will make you feel very comfortable and you have no worries. by the way, I had my fingerprints taking before I traveled and that is why they stoped me and I asked me about my arrest.
            I hope this helps.