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God Bless Josephine Schmo!

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  • God Bless Josephine Schmo!

    Last edited by SAMMY; 04-17-2018, 07:03 AM.

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    Sammy, I'm so glad you've heard from her. I've had her on my mind and wondered when we would hear anything. I'm also glad that they didn't go on to TX. She's in my prayers for sure. She needs a break!


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      She's back!!!!

      Do tell Joey....


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        Thank you for your kind words Sammy, and for everyones prayers.

        We left Sunday morning around 8:30 a.m. It was bitter cold and I hightailed it South, not quite sure of my destination.

        From looking at the map, I decided Richmond VA was too close to DC and decided to head directly towards Dallas.

        After about 600 miles, our engine light came on. I pulled off and added anti freeze, but decided not to risk breaking down in the middle of nowhere between Nashville and Dallas.

        I chose a town I thought might be decent to break down in, and drove another 150 miles.

        We got a hotel room and the next two days I looked for an apartment and for work.

        The apartment is adorable. Cheap with all utilities included.

        The van is running but the brakes are making a rumbling noise. So much for Massachusetts inspections.

        No luck finding work, but we are out everyday looking.
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          I sat on my living room couch last night (furnished apartment, heh) in amazement that we finally have a place of our own, and don't have to worry about the rent and bills anymore. All that stress is gone, I'm finally safe.

          I said many thanks to all the gods. We ended up camping out in the van for two days, to hold money for the apartment. I have no idea what we would have done if we didn't get this place.

          A couple of my friends wanted me to abandon Mian. I could never do that. We are in this for better or worse.
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Congratulations jo ...I m glad u r back on the board...Pasha


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              Tankies, Pasha! We bypassed your motel, I'm sorry.

              The town I'm in is surrounded by mountains. I can't wait to go hiking, fishing, and canoeing this summer. Lots of caverns to explore also.

              It's in the low 50's here. I couldn't believe I spent my whole life freezing to death in New England.

              One minor mishap. Someone stole a box out of our van, food mostly, and my favorite coffee cup and the toaster. I forgive them cause I figure they were hungry, but they will be paid back when they eat that heartburning Walmart tuna! Money is really tight and none coming in, so I didn't need the expense of buying another toaster.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Wow sounds like a great place .... Once again congrats ... so howz Mian doing? Did he like the new place ? wow seems like u guys had little hard journey but its good that everything turned out pretty well in the end....


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                  This poor guy has slept like a baby since we got settled. I keep asking him how it feels to finally have our own place and not be under someone elses thumb. He is so happy. He says thank you for asking, he is having sook da sa, he won't tell me what this means, but he says you will understand.

                  We have no t.v. and he is bored, so I have him roll cigs for me. He worries much about finding a job. No one is hiring right now.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    ohh ... I guess the way u wrote ... the word is little bit destroyed but I can still understand ... it meant like heaven ... happiness to its extreme ... well I will pray for u guys that u find job soon enough ...and things will be ok in couple of days...


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                      Pasha, little by little I am learning Punjabi. It is so cool to talk to Mian in public and no one understands what I say.

                      Evil boss (henceforth E.B.) is still haunting us. He called Mians mom and one of our friends told us he has been asking about us.

                      Now it gets weirder and scary. The same friend told us she called our home number the day after we left and a man with hubby's accent answered the phone. I asked her if she were sure because we brought the phone with us. She said yes, she called twice, and the second time he answered, he hug up on her.

                      I read the lease again, and even though I think it is illegal, it said that the day after the 10th of the month, if rent is not paid, the landlord can come in and PHSYICALLY remove the tenant, anyone else there, and all the property.

                      Mian had told E.B. he was going home. E.B. hates me and would do anything to hurt me.

                      Anyhow, Mians mom scolded him and asked him how he could do this to a man with four children? He said, "Oh? He really has four children?" Maybe this will soften the monsters heart.

                      Nothing like being hunted down when you didn't even do anything to deserve it!

                      It's just SO GOOD to be away.
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        Good god, my life reads like a paperback novel or a soap opera!

                        Tune in tomorrow for our next episode...
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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                          Hey jo ..

                          I m really sorry about ur condition ... I just don't understand what does his boss have to do with mian at all? I meant its not kind of slavery ... it's a democratic country and he can not threaten like this .... Why is that boss after Mian ? I meant Mian has legal status and boss cant do anything wrong with him ... I m just confused ... you guys don't need to be scared of that assh*le boss at all ....


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                            Paki's treat each other bad, Pasha. Or is it because of their religion? I'd really like to know the answer to this question.

                            S.L., please ask your sweetie if he has seen this with his own people. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Yeah Jo ...

                              May be possible ... Actually being an Indian ... I had few Paki friends in my college ... and they were all nice ... though both countries has political issues ... we used to behave with each others like very good friends – brothers ... I used to eat at their place and they used to come to me too .... So I m kinda confused ... may be that boss is a real assh*le and that's it I guess ... otherwise not everyone is same ... there is always mix combination no matter wherever you go .... I m just happy for you guys that you wont have to deal with that boss anymore....Cheers !!!!!