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  • Deportation

    Hi,my girlfriend just got deported back to her country,what can i do to bring her back with me ? if you guys know of any process let me know as Quik as possible please!!! help me out.

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    Hi,my girlfriend just got deported back to her country,what can i do to bring her back with me ? if you guys know of any process let me know as Quik as possible please!!! help me out.


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      You need to file viawer for her, and then File K-1 fiancee visa to get back her.As soon as she enterd in USA she have 90 days to perform marriage and inform to INS and apply for AOS.
      Good Luck


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        another thing is it true that it is easier for me to go get married in her country and then file all the papers?they told me that it is quiker than the fiance visa process


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          hej buddy.

          Sorry thats my question is not on Your topic.. but please tell us (me) how it happend that she is now deporting?



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            What were the reasons for deportation?

            It really depends which way is the fastest way but as she will have to aplly for a waiver and wait for the approval it might be faster to get married over there although I wouldn't really count on it.


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              i don't know the reason 4 deportation yet she just got deported like 2 hours ago,i will know at 10:00 eastern time thanks for your help everybody,i really apreciate!!


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                she got voluntary leave ,because she had sold a car but never changed the registration,the guy who bougth it paid it on jan.2003,and they did not let her in because of that,because they tought that she was over here and that's why she paid it.


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                  I really don't understand what you're talking about. I tried reading your post several times but I can't picture the whole situation.Can you explain it further?


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                      nos - from reading your scenario it sounds like your girlfriend was deported based on a misunderstanding that made her appear to have overstayed her visa.

                      I will imagine that she therefore faces a 3 year bar from the USA as selling a car most likely did not take longer than 180 days.

                      Even if she faces a 10-year-bar, you will need to file the I-601 hardship waiver. Some people say that you need to be married to file this, but I think I have read cases online that have granted the I-601 for a fiance visa. Either way it is a very long and somewhat expensive process. I don't know whether marriage makes it more or less difficult to prove, but your case has to show that you (the USC) face EXTREME hardship with your girlfriend out of the country/or if you leave the country. This is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is possible.

                      However, you have implied that much of this was based on a misunderstanding (if your girlfriend really did overstay please let us know so we can try to offer you some support and advice). Therefore, if it really was a misunderstanding and your girlfriend was out of the country during the time that the INS thought she overstayed, there should be some evidence of some type (where did she work/live/study while out of the country??) If you can gather this evidence, there should be a way to present this information to correct the mistake and fix the situation.

                      If there are other aspects to this deportation please let us know.

                      Finally, the decision to marry her (now or later) is a very personal one and one that you need to carefully think through. There is a lot of commitement involved, and if you have to go though the waiver process it can be extremely long and difficult. A marriage may or may not help the application, but will definitely help your level of commmitment. However, if you feel like you are rushing things and are not 100% sure that this is the woman you want to be with for the rest of your life, slow down, don't make the decision under pressure, start to gather the information for your waiver and get everything together, see what type of a chance you might have, consider whether you would be willing to leave the country to be with her, talk to people about your possibilities of being granted the waiver with the fiance visa. Make a decision that both of you can and will stick by for the rest of your lives.

                      Good luck and I hope we can help you at least a little. You aren't completely alone out there!


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                        good news guys!! she has an oversayed visa,but she did not get any bar ,ins told me that she could come if i marry her and then file 4 her or with the k-1 visa,the only problem is that i dont know if they would approve the k-1 visa in colombia because she overstayed???


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                          Thaks x i just need to know if they would approve the k-1 visa in the us embassy in colombia because she overstayed?/ PLEASE HELP!!
                          +how long it will take
                          ins told me max.5 mo.


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                            Look never completely trust the INS. My first question is how long did she "overstay"??? Sometimes they "forget" to tell you that a bar is applicable.

                            However, assuming the "overstay" is less than 180 days, the INS estimation might be somewhat accurate. It could take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months (although some cases that I have heard do take longer.)

                            Things will depend on the consulate etc. where it is processed, but if there is no bar, it shouldn't be unbearably long.

                            Good Luck to you both! I wish you all the happiness in the world!


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                              (oh and yes they will approve it regardless of the overstay... this is not a tourist visa, but a visa for intent to immigrate.)