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    Question : I got my conditional GC Dec,24,2008 will expire on Dec,24,2010.But in Sep,2009 I seperate from my wife. Because she abused and harass me all the time. I have a son with her.
    So, in Sep,2009 I got D.V.O. order against her and have primary custody of my son. And Nov,15,2009 my Lawyer filed I-751 on behalf of Abusive Spouse.
    I received my One year Extension letter in few days. And wait for Boimetrics. After 10 months I receive a letter "My I-751 is deny because I was not appear for Biometrics" .But I didnot get any appointment letter even my lawyer didn't get any letter too. And they give me a option to file I-290B for motion. But my lawyer advice me that to file a new I-751 and he add an affidavit "We don't receive Biometric appointment letter."
    I don't know what to do ? Need help.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    If you have an attorney advising and has told you how to proceed... then what are you talking about that you do not know what to do

    If you do not feel comfortable with what lawyer has advised, then seek opinion of another attorney.

    Why do you feel insevure about the reasonable advice given to you? Either way you will have to take the biometric. And who is to say that your lawyer did not receive the biometric appointment letter.


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      Hi thanks for reply. Yes I asked the another lawyer too he advised me the same way like my lawyer did.But I'm confused so much..... My Lawyer told me that he didn't receive any Biometric letter. but he received my recepit letter and my deny letter that's why i feel insevure to think that how come he didn't receive my Biometric letter. I'm not scared for any kind of interview or Biometric , because I didn't lie to anybody. But the things like that make uoset people.


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        Call 1-800-MALIKPAPISH. Ask for Malik Papish. Tell him OldE from referred you. He will fix something fer ya.

        "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit


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          If you changed your address you must have received the letter. Next time register yourself and create portfolio on USCIS website. so you can track your application.
          You can file removal again and you need good faith marriage waiver too. Did you attorney told You that?
          Filing 290B which is appeal will cost 540.00, better to file new application and include good faith marriage evidence right from the start.
          Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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            HA HA HA this is rich!!! you wife 'abused' you? and 'harassed' you? this is tooooooooooo funny.


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              Thanks Mohan for your reply. I didn't change any address.But don't know how it get lost.Well my lawyer file a new application and yes he told me about good faith marriage waiver. And I also want to know that what's include in good faith marriage waiver evidence? and like your instruction I sign-up with USCIS but waiting for my receipt number to add in it.
              Thanks again for your time and help.


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                question: why is it that illegals never get their mail? it seems that the USPS doesn't deliver anything to them, sniff...sniff... you are a rotten liar, get out of here!!! before I call you know who


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                  Hi all thanks for your help.
                  I received my 10 year green card.
                  It was 751 wavier
                  apply again , finally true come out and I got it.
                  And yes all mails are coming on right address now.
                  And please don't beat a dog like this , It's against the LAW. Be a human and love human .
                  Thanks again and God bless you all .