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    American nation has a great president and his name is George Bush.

    While a majority of Americans opposing immigrants is a piece of 's h i t' so called lazy morons or 'white trash' there is a still a minority of Americans who supports their president and is COOL.

    God bless American President and those Americans who want to help immigrants and live and work with them together!

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    American nation has a great president and his name is George Bush.

    While a majority of Americans opposing immigrants is a piece of 's h i t' so called lazy morons or 'white trash' there is a still a minority of Americans who supports their president and is COOL.

    God bless American President and those Americans who want to help immigrants and live and work with them together!


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      Bush calls for changes on illegal workers

      WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush on Wednesday outlined an overhaul of immigration policy that would give illegal immigrants with U.S. jobs temporary worker status and then a chance to seek permanent residency.

      "Out of common sense and fairness, our laws should allow willing workers to enter our country and fill jobs that Americans are not filling," Bush said, unveiling the changes in a speech in the White House East Room.

      "This program will offer legal status, as temporary workers, to the millions of undocumented workers now employed in the United States and to those in foreign countries who seek to participate in the program and have been offered employment here."

      After joining the temporary worker program, these employees could apply for permanent residency in the United States, but they would get no preference over other applicants seeking green cards, administration officials said. Officials said employers would have to show they cannot find American workers to fill the jobs.

      Allowing illegal immigrants to come forward and keep their jobs is the most controversial aspect of the president's initiative. (Border residents question plan) Many conservatives oppose any amnesty for these undocumented workers.

      Bush officials reject the notion that the proposal is an amnesty program. The officials said it isn't guaranteed that those who receive temporary worker status would qualify for green cards or that such workers would have advantages if they do apply. They also would be expected to return to their countries when their temporary visas expire.

      Officials said one of the president's goals was to "promote compassion" and to get Congress and the country to "understand the broken system" with an estimated 8 million illegal immigrants.

      Bringing undocumented workers into the tax system would be one of the proposal's benefits, officials said. As one official put it, the plan would lift these workers "out of the shadows" and guarantee them wage and employment rights enjoyed by legal U.S. workers.

      Proposal's key points
      Highlights of the president's initiative include the following:

      "¢ A temporary worker program would allow a visa for three years. Bush will call on Congress to allow one renewal so the temporary visa would last for six years. Officials said they are open to allowing additional terms, subject to congressional debate and negotiation.

      "¢ The program would be open to illegal immigrants as long as they could prove they were working in the United States at the time the new policy becomes law. Officials said that requirement would discourage a flood of new illegal immigration.

      "¢ Those who qualify as legal temporary workers can apply for permanent residency, or green cards, under existing laws. The administration will urge Congress to increase the limit on green cards issued yearly, which is now 140,000, officials said. They added that negotiations with Congress will determine the degree of expansion.

      The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with the Labor Department and other agencies, would administer the new program, as it does with other temporary visa programs.

      The White House initiative is modeled after several proposals pending in Congress.

      For example, U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Arizona, has called for a temporary worker program if employers initially post jobs on the Internet for 14 days to give Americans a first crack.

      Politically motivated?
      The Bush plan also tracks many proposals advocated by Democrats, some of whom have voiced suspicion that the administration is seeking to increase the president's appeal to Latinos as the 2004 campaign gets under way.

      "I certainly hope the administration's long-awaited reinvolvement in this fundamental debate is genuine and not because of election-year conversion," said U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, in a statement Tuesday. "The immigration status quo is outdated, unjust and unacceptable.

      "At any time in recent months, a nod from the administration could have brought immediate enactment of two important long-stalled immigration bills with broad bipartisan support in Congress -- the AgJobs bill, to reach a fair resolution of the controversy and work conditions over jobs in the agriculture industry, and the bill granting permanent residence to undocumented immigrant children who complete high school and go to college or join the military."

      The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is among the president's allies in the debate, agreeing with the White House position about an economic need for new workers.

      Randel Johnson, a chamber vice president who deals with immigration issues, said Tuesday that a resolution of the problem is necessary.

      "The reality of it is we are not going to deport all these people," Johnson said. "So we have to come up with something to deal with the situation. Or we can continue to put our head in the sand."


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        I am a true American (Republican) and I OPPOSE this move by Bush. It is unfair to the honest grints and rewards cheating. I am dissappointed by Bush.


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          Why do the lawyers oppose the President plan?
          Because those thieves would not be able to collect their fees for their legal advises and their bad work.
          My lawyers did not know immigration laws, made elementary mistakes and expired on purpose visas of many immigrants.
          The majority of Americans are aginst the president plan but they do not know that without those 10 milion workers the prices in US would rise about 60% when replaced by lazy and extremely expensive American union workers.


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            hi Melanie
            do you know if this change or plan going to be effect any sooon or it's going to be a long debate that would take month perhaps years to become effect and people can apply also those who are under removal procedure will be able to benefit.


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              Ask Michael - it does not depend on me.


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                This "plan"is a slap on the face?What about spouses of USC who are unable to adjust status,do not work since you're not suppose to w/o work permit etc.And what now?
                Yeah,really thank you mr.President this is reallt helpful for families.


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                  Not a good move by the President. Just listen to the media, the big talk is 'What is Bush thinking about?' Very sad day if you ask me.

                  Instead of speeding the pending processes of USC spouses and people going throught the process legally, he helps illegals. I have no words for that but he definitely lost my vote.


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                    First off, even the program Bush is proposing would make the workers "temporary" since the work visas would last 3 years (and could be possibly extended). If the workers are then found ineligible for GCs, they would have to go back to their countries of birth as soon as their work visas run out. Therefore, this is no guarantee that all the illegal immigrants would be able to remain in the U.S. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, this proposal is idiotic. Many will prefer the status quo, without a temporary work visa and without risking to expose themselves to the government.

                    I still say this is a slap in the face of those who are doing things by the book (legally), waiting for 5, 10 or even 15 years to come in, having to pay fees and attorney fees and who knows what else.


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                      Hi everyone (especially SOMEONE 12). Did you miss me?

                      Anyway, I too watched Bush's statement - It will not work. First, the best way to get an American worker to refuse a job is to offer a wage so low that only a desperate immigrant would take it. Bush's proposal is so full of holes that it doesn't have a prayer in Congress. But he will spend the next few months telling LATINO votershow hard he worked to help them, and some may even vote for him.

                      Bush's proposal is no guarntee to permanant residency. Most illegals are already working and their employers don't know that they are illegal - what now, they go tell them? And risk getting fired? Because first they'll have to post the job to give an American the opportunity to apply.


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                        If you do a traffic violation for instance (you are speeding) your first violation is forgiven and the penalty is waived by the prosecutor and the driver never looses his driving licence forever - this is an amnesty!
                        Trafic violations do more harm to Americans than overstaying alien. Trafic violations kill Americans in hundreds.
                        When an alien unknowingly looses his status nothing can be done what forces him to stay in US forever because he fears of 10/20 years ban.

                        The current immigration polices are wrong. They are primarly family and refugee and asylum immigration policies.
                        80% of legal immigrants become right away a charge to public funds and never takes any job or applies for welfare and is paid under the table.
                        I see every day a Russian guy trading his food stampes in the supermarket for cash.

                        We need more employment based immigration system that better matches willing employers and employees.

                        The current immigration law is ****!


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                          The current immigration system family, refugee and asylum oriented is C R A P!
                          Change it!


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                            Well it is a fact that illegals are paid lower. Maybe these jobs offering riculously low wages should be questioned. Also not all illegals take jobs away so lets not generalised as most are unskilled labour. The majority of skilled labour lose their job because of corporations outsourcing to other countries where they can get the same level of expertise for cheaper.

                            And Bush isn't doing much in this department either.


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                              Melanie, Melanie, Melanie--where did you get the idea that traffic offenders all get off? Or even most of them? How wrong you are. Fines are a major source of revenue for many cities.

                              As I've told you in other threads, you will be stuck in the job you have now. The Bush plan will not allow you to change jobs. As I and others have also pointed out, the visas are temporary, good only for 3 years. Renewal would be at the discretion of Congress. You would also get no help/advantage in applying for a green card--in fact Mr. Bush (or his reps) have clearly said that they want to "encourage" illegal aliens to return to their home countries by offering "savings accounts" and social security.

                              Of course, it's not likely the plan, or even substantial portions of it, will pass--but then, that's not the point. He's trolling for votes.