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Pending Asylum Case- Marriage

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  • Pending Asylum Case- Marriage

    Hi, I have the following situation. More then 4 years ago I applied for asylum. During this time I got married to U.S citizen. I didn't had interview for my asylum case yet. My wife(USC) will submit I-130 form and I-485 with supporting documents. Need some advice how to proceed in my situation. After submitting I-130 along with I-485, should i send a letter to asylum office and ask to put on hold my asylum case, or should i withdraw asylum case? When will have interview for AOS based on marriage, will officer question me about my asylum case?Any advices are welcomed.

    Also in your opinion what is the outcome of I-130 and my I-485 application(approved, denied)?

    June 2013 entered US on J1 visa
    May 2014 applied for asylum(overstayed my J1 visa 6 months before applied for asylum)
    June 2017 started to date my future wife, she moved in with me in august of 2017 and we live together, traveled together. We have real marriage and never separated since she moved in.
    Dec 2017 we got married
    Jun 2018(present) planning to submit I-130 with I-485, while asylum case still pending(no interview yet), but have EAD for 3rd year.