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travel permit procedure in San Jose

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  • travel permit procedure in San Jose

    I am a B1/2 visa holder, got married to US citizen in February and can stay until September(I94). I am filling in the AOS papers I485 and plan to go to Mexico at the beginning of May.
    As I understand I do not want to file after I get back from Mexico because I need to get the advance parole and that can take months. Does anybody have experience with the INS in San Jose and travel permit and AOS procedures?I am very grateful for any advice, especially time frames.

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    Since your are married to a USC, you are not supposed to travel on B1/B2 Visa anymore. It can create problem for your AOS. It is better, you submit all papers now and you will get your EAD in couple of months. Then you should travel on Advance parole. It will be worthwhile to delay your visit to Mexico. If you will tell them that you have a USC spouse, they will not allow you to enter the United States and if you will lie about your marriage and spouse then that is a Immigration Fraud and you can be denied legalization.
    Good luck.


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      Seems like you have too much time on your hand .