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Non-Receipt of Green Card for Wife's sister

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  • Non-Receipt of Green Card for Wife's sister

    Wife's sister arrived here (USA) on 4-10-16 with her Immigrant Visa issued on 3-24-16. On 4-12-16, I paid the $165.00 Green Card fee online and waited for it
    to arrive. Two months later I started to follow-up on it and after another month passed, we learned that the Green Card was delivered the last week of May 2016.
    We were provided USPS tracking info showing that the postal route driver scanned the priority mail packet and placed it in our mail box. I talked to the local postmaster
    and was told to fill a claim and receive a monetary settlement. Rather than that, I filed a claim with US Postal Inspectors, that we didn't receive a priority mail packet with an enclosed Green Card as the USPS tracking data shows. As such, my claim was that it was either stolen or disposed of and not delivered being that it was either mail theft or mail fraud. They filed a case and provided me a Case number.
    Meanwhile, we went to an ICE application support center in Philadelphia on 9-21-16 with a completed Form I-90 and did the bio-metrics, but did not pay the fee since we never received the Green Card to have lost it or have it stolen from the person to whom issued. At the time, we were told to expect to wait a year for the Green Card. Five months after filing same, I checked for status each month and the response was no info available at this time. At the August check (8-14-17) i was told that we should of had something and we didn't, so a Service Request was prepared and submitted by an ICE agent and provided me the number and to call back on 9-15-17. I did and no further info so another Service Request was prepared. Then on 9-26-17, a letter from the Potomac Service Center arrived via USPS stating that the Form I-90 processing has been terminated base upon USPS tracking data. Additionally, stating that the applicant received her Green Card (Form I-551) since it was not returned as undelivered by USPS. A weak and arbitrary decision on her part and why did it take so long? A typical government bureaucrat, in the last week of the current fiscal year to clean the desk and then just deny every application to clean the slate and receive their annual performance award for a job well done!
    Any similar problems encountered by people reviewing this site? Any ideas other than re-filing and paying the now $450.00 fee? For one, I would like to go to the Director's office as she is the one that signed the termination of processing letter and have it out with her.
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