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I want to leave the USA

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  • I want to leave the USA

    I am from the Philippines. I stupidly married a man I did not love as my family pressured me to marry him as they said it would be good for my son's future. I am trapped, I am a prisoner. We live in the countryside. There is no public transport and I don't have a car. I can't go anywhere. We have a joint bank account but my husband is in debt and there is only 80 dollars in the account. We have been married only 5 months. For the past 4 months I have slept with my son in the lounge room. I can't go to any government offices for assistance as I have no transport. I can't get a job (green card pending plus no transport). I can't file for divorce (no money, no where to go) and don't have the funds to file for divorce. Winter is coming, my son and I don't have winter clothes and he has no money to buy winter clothes. I just want to leave with my son and go back home, but he can't afford (won't afford) to buy us tickets back home. I am literally a prisoner 100% dependent on a man with only 80 dollars and paying off debts. How can I go home? Can I have the government deport me and then they get reimbursement form my husband? The marriage is a marriage in name only. We do not sleep together. There is lots of information out there on how to stay in the US but I want to leave.