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    Let me give a loud shout out to Mohan and Brownfox - they are truly Americans!

    I've read almost every thread that you two comment on - you reason with wisdon, like solomon.

    I am American with West Indian background. This problem of illegal immigration will NEVER stop. Trust me. People are leaving their home countries and going into other people's country all the time. Why it seams so bad in America is because of the stringent rules attached. Most people sees coming to American and breaking the rules as a child being told not to take another cookie from the jar, or not to go near the stove, or not to do drugs - they are just going to have to do it, just because you set rules. Do you follow me?

    You see Mohan and Brownfox, America is not really offended by illegal immigrations, they are just offended that the ones benefiting most from the pie are spanish, blacks and asians. Wanna bet if they were mostly Europeans they would not have that much concern?

    Anyway, Mohan and Brownfox, I have some relatives with "little" problems that I want to address to you only. No, no, they are not criminals or being a drag to society, just want some sound advise. Is there anyway we could talk. Let me know. Thanks a lot.


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    You have jumped to a conclusion that doesn't quite fit the illegal immigrant situation here. The reason Americans and legal residents of the U.S. get so ticked off at illegals is because we feel no security, safety or government support. You're right, illegal immigration will never stop completely, but there should be more control of our borders and communities. What makes us mad is the identity theft, fraud, tax evasion, and overwhelming of our hospitals and schools that have resulted from this population. I'd be just as pissed if a European did it. Illegal is illegal, fraud is fraud, and we want OUR rights protected and our laws observed. ...and when I saw we, I mean US citizens, born or naturalized, and legal residents who worked hard and paid fees and achieved legal status the honest way.


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      I don't know if you grasp the drift here, this thread is only for Mohan and Brownfox to respond to. I do not wish to hear from your kind.

      Thank you and enjoy your day.


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        Write your email address and I will contact you of the board.


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          By my kind I suppose you mean anyone who does not agree with you. Enjoy your day, too.


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            I think you should send yours - no offense here, but I don't want "some other people" to get a hold of my work email address (I don't have a personal one).

            Thanks Mohan


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              You damm right skippy!


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                I did post my email once! its flooded by the peoples questions, and it took awhile to answer.


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                  Hotmail is free, if you're really serious about communicating with Mohan....just a thought...bye.


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                    What, are you deaf? I have an email address, I just don't wish to post it here so that people like you can email me with your remarks.

                    Amazing how you spoke of "free". I guess that's how the illegals think too when they come and try to get "free stuff".

                    Wake up - it is costing somebody. Nothing is free.


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                        I think I'm blushing right now, thank you for mentioning my name but I'm not really knowledgeable with immigration laws. Like you I'm just starting to be aware of the existing laws, as what the phrase says" Ignorance of the law excuses no one".
                        Anyway, here's mine...Brownfox952@yahoo


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                          I knew you were intelligent - exhibiting humility, that is commendable!

                          My mother used to say: "You'll catch more bees with honey than with vinegar".

                          People sometimes forget themselves, forget that they are human and should be under the directive of God. These same ones will be the first to say, 'Oh, I love God", yet they hate their neigbors down to the thread that sew their clothes. They will call themselves christians yet don't know how to act. So shallow!

                          Brownfox, you underestimate your wisdom, and I thank you for replying to my me. I will definately email you and Mohan. Thank you very much.


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                            Long live Mohan!