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Aupair .... J-1 change to tourist visa

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  • Aupair .... J-1 change to tourist visa

    Please, I am just making sure. I am in US on aupair program now. I came to US to study language and learn a little about the local culture too. However I got to 2 different foreign families with bad English. So I did not have hardly any chance to practice my English for one and for two we had communication issues. Now I have a chance to stay at my friends house for a little longer just to learn better English (mine is bad, she is even helping me with this post) but I want to remain by all means legal. The agency did not terminate me yet.
    Can I file I-539 form and explain my situation? I need better English for my future job in my home country. I will have enough money to support myself for extended stay however I do not have enough to change my visa to student (college is way too expensive).
    Thank you very much for your help!