I’m in the US on an O1-A visa and filed EB1 I-140 documents in October 2015. I just got my approval notice for the I-140 recently and haven’t filed the I-485 yet. Now I’ve got a job offer from a different employer and I’m trying to figure out how can this work out, as I read on the internet that the new employer will have to file for a new O1-A.

What will happen with my I-140 approval? Will I still be able to use it after I change my job, or will I have to go through the I-140 process again? My current employer is listed as the ‘petitioner’ for the I-140 and I’m the ‘beneficiary’.
Should I file the I-485 before I change my job and what will happen if I change my job after I file the I-485?

What will happen with the status of my dependents (children and wife) if I’m to get a new O1-A visa? Given that I’m in the process of a divorce, will my wife be eligible for a new O-3 dependent visa before the divorce is finalised or not?

Thanks in advance!