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Pending I-485(no supporting documents)

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  • Pending I-485(no supporting documents)

    Does anyone know how to submit supporting documents to USCIS for receipted I-485(spouse of USC from F1)? The fees were paid to TSC while in removal proceedings but the case was terminated before the supporting documents were submitted.
    Lockbox said they do not accept receipted applications and recommended submitting them at the field office. The field office also refuse to take the documents but said they will ask for the case(whatever that means). The IO at the field office was extremely rude and refused to answer any questions. I had a question about my I-693 does the stamp that Chicago put at the bottom of the paperwork mean anything? Can I resubmit the same I-693? Since my application is already pending, my I-693 should be valid for 2yrs right?
    I am not sure where to submit the documents when both the lockbox and FO are refusing to accept them.

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    You can submit the additional evidence at the interview though you may run the risk that the adjustment will be denied because not enough initial documentation was submitted. I would send the Adjustment receipt notice with your evidence (copies only) to the service center that is processing your case. Send it through a manner that requires a signature upon receipt. Take originals to the interview because a lot of times the documents submitted separately do not make it to the file. The medicals are valid for 2 years after submission to USCIS with an adjustment application but it must be submitted within 60 days of when the doctor signed it. If your medical meets those requirements than you are ok. Best of luck

    This does not constitute legal advice nor should this be construed to establish an attorney client relationship.
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    This comment does not constitute legal advice nor should it be construed to establish an attorney client relationship.


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      Thank you for the response. I got my last case update from TSC and they specifically ask that you don't send any documents there. I am hoping the field office will get the application transfered there soon.


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        Good Luck. Share the outcome please
        This comment does not constitute legal advice nor should it be construed to establish an attorney client relationship.


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