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What is the time frame for obtaining American Citizenship Marriage?

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  • What is the time frame for obtaining American Citizenship Marriage?

    Dear all,

    Can any body post his experince about how much time does it take to get the green card and the American Citizenship from marriage?what he/she did to get it??

    I mean from the date he/she applied for green card till she get her green card and then citizenship. What he/she did, what he/she should not do?

    In details please, because as I can see majority is moving around the same subject but they are confused.


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    After marriage:

    File AOS - I-130, I-485 & I-765 (EAD for work), other forms are I-864, G-325A, I-693 (medical) and if want to travel I-131 (Advance Parole). While your AOS pending, you can work and also travel (but not advisable if you out of status or having complicated case, since its not a guarantee that you can get back to US). - AOS will take 6 months to 24 months.

    If your marriage less than 2 years while having your AOS interview and got your stamp in the passport, you will get CONDITIONAL PR which to be removed within 2 years of the stamped date. Then you will get 10 years PR.

    If you want to apply citizenship, you can do so 3 (THREE) YEARS after your AOS approved. Means from the stamp date in your passport. It doesn't matter whether your Conditional removal still in process at that time, you still can apply for citizenship. This is because, sometimes conditional removal status takes a long time. Sometimes more than a year.

    Your time of approval also depends on which state or judiciary that you are now. Some place take less time and some longer.

    I'm not an attorney, pls act accordingly. Good luck and have a nice day.


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      DaniA: If you are married to US Citizen then it takes three years after you received your LPR status, even if you have a conditional LPR Status.
      Me2, already explain what documents you will have to complete before you get your GC or LPR Status. Once you complete your three years you can file N-400 package for your citizenship. Is it clear now?


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        SAB34, Are you sure its 3 years after LPR ?

        Its 3 years from the date of AOS(it could be LPR or conditional GC ).


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          LPR = CPR in this case. No difference.


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            I would ike to make a correction to Me's post, it can take 6 months TO 36 months. Depends on where you will be filing. The Atlanta office is taking up to 36 months.


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              What if my Marriage date is more than 2 years? I will get PR Green Card? Or conditional? Or I will not be eligible to Green Card process and Citizenship?

              What AOS stands for?



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                If you attend your interview at the time of your marriage more than 2 years, then you will get the Permanent Resident of 10 years NOT conditional.

                AOS means Adjustment of Status.


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                  Thanks Me2,

                  Does the process takes more time for people from Arabic or islamic origins, to get the PR and citizenship from marriage to an American citizenship?