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Is a passport a good option for a non-compliant citizen w/ no Birth Abroad Cert.?

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  • Is a passport a good option for a non-compliant citizen w/ no Birth Abroad Cert.?

    My father was born and raised in the US. I was born in Canada and moved to the US in 1988 at the age of 23. At that time SSA gave me an unrestricted SS# because my father was at the SSA office with me. February 2016 I start a new job after 10 years at the old one and my E-Verify comes back non-compliant AFTER I am "cleared" to start at the new company and quit my old job. My father is deceased, there was never a Certificate of Birth Abroad filed. The SSA says it's a USCIS problem. USCIS says I'm a citizen after I tell them the story. SSA says, "Prove it!". I can't wait the 5+ months for the N-600 I just paid for to be processed. My Congressman and the USCIS case workers tell me to apply for a passport, which I do. I send them dad's birth certificate, death certificate, college transcripts, army discharge, membership letter from his church. I am waiting on a marriage certificate from BC Vital Statistics. Someone calls from the Passport Agency and asks for something - just a little more - maybe a letter from a family member, and the marriage certificate. I send a notarized, hand written letter from dad's cousin and last remaining relative (other than myself), the certified marriage certificate, and a copy of my dad's school records from 4th through 12th grades.
    I'm in the 4th week of waiting and now a little panicky.
    I'm on the verge of losing my job. (Grace period is over)
    What else can I do?
    Do I need to panic?
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