I filed my application for AOS on the 19th of May,2015(its the day USCIS Acknowledged they received my application) and my interview was scheduled for Sep 23, 2015. On my interview date, me and my wife(She is USC) went to Atlanta field office and the Immigration officer said everything just sounds great but the Civil Surgeon made a mistake in my I-693. Instead of check mark, he wrote "NA" in some options in the form.So, the Immigration officer told me that she couldn't do anything but as soon as she receives my new I-693 she will approve and my GC will be ordered. So on the 26th of September,(by FEDEX express) I sent a new I-693 and I got a confirmation the following day that it is received by "Allen" in Atlanta USCIS office. Now until today, Nov 8,2015 I don't have any thing sent from USCIS.
What should I do?
Should I work in scheduling INFOPASS?
Anyone in this situation.
[COLOR=#333333]P.S: Before we left the immmigration officer even told us we don't need to come and everything is just fine . I just needed to resent a new I-693 form from my surgeon.