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Removal of Conditions for Green Card

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  • Removal of Conditions for Green Card

    I obtained a green card under EB5 scheme on 30th January 2015. So, the green card will expire on 30th January 2017 and I need to apply for removal of conditions during the quarter starting October 2016. I and my wife got the green card under consular process, while my son who was in USA already under a F1 visa applied for Adjustment of Status. As is wont to happen with AOS applications, there were quite a few unnecessary queries and USCIS adjusted his status and issued his green card only on 1st October 2015 (card expiring on 10-01-2017). Since he is a derivative applicant , should we submit I 829 applications for all three of us in October 2016 or should only I and my wife apply in October 2016 while my son will have to apply separately in July 2017? If latter is the case, how do we show conditions removal for him, given that the jobs would have to be created as per my green card expiry date and not his?