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  • I-601

    First time I came to America June 1st, 1990. I try to enter in America with photo change (PC) passport at Kentucky. This is Pakistani passport with America visa. Unfortunately I was arrested at the airport and they send me to the jail.

    During tow month trial my lawyer ask me that if I want to stay here I can but at that time I was so scared and I requested them please send me back to my home country and they accept my request and August 31st, 1990 I went back to my home country.

    count fine me $50 witch I paid. I have all my record with certified copy.

    2nd, time I came to the America in September 15th, 1997, with my wife B-1 for me and B-2 for my wife, then we over stay and we find some body who can sponsor us so we can change our status. We found one restaurant and they sponsor my wife as a specialty cook in EB3.

    My wife under 245-I so as a derivative beneficiary I am also under 245-I

    When my wife labor certificate approve, and then i-140 approved we both file I-485 together. but USCIS called my wife first and she got her green card in 05/07/2012.
    After they called me for interview IO told me that because my 1990 case I have to file
    I-601. I file my I-601 December 19th, 2013, and it still pending.