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  • I want a is still waiting for i750 response

    I married a man I met through a very good friend of mine. We hit it off right away, and married 6 months later. We filed for his green card, and went through the interview. He got his 2 year permit. After he got that card, he became very lazy, and didn't want to either go to school or work. I had added him to my health insurance, for example, at a huge rate increase, and expected him to find a job, now that he could. I ddidn't even care if it was as a gas station attendant, just something--i racked up a lot of expense in the interim waiting for his permit. He finally got a job over a year later.

    He also communicated with me less. I figured it was over, but still could be worked on, but wasn't sure what to do at this point. My good friend died suddenly-the one that was actually my husbands brother in law. Right when my only child was scheduled for back surgery. My son had 3 back surgeries in all that year--last year. And i was working to maintain the bills and mortgage on the house i had previously bought to this relationship. Then we got notice of the i750, which our attorney never 'warned' us about, so we--or should I say I collected the documents--he always acts so helpless like I am american so I know how to do everything, and he doesn't have to do anything but nag me do do it. We had the attorneysubmit the paperwork.
    When my son had surgery, my transmission went out, and iI was without a car in a very cold winter, and had to take the bus to visit son in hospital, while husband was busy helping sister, since she was now a widow, and never even bothered to call or visit son--both of them said they were 'busy' dealing with friends death, and husband helping sister, but no help for me. And last surgery was 6 mos. Later, so no excuse for that. I was too busy myself to deal with him at this point.

    After filing the i750, we had a blowout, and he lives with his sister. We got a notice for more info, so I sent tax info, didn't even bother to tell him about this since I was and have been so mad. Now I just want out. It is 8 mos since filing no news, and iI don't care. I don't want to be married to him any longer, and don't want it worked out. He and his sister obviously don't care about me or my son. When I ask bout the things that bother me, they just say an insincere, sorry, but I don't trust them at all.

    How should I proceed. I don't want to get in trouble while this marriage, though not legally over, is over. Should I call the attorney. Should I have husband sign no fault divorce papers. Thanks for your help.

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    You won’t get in trouble if you want to legally end the marriage. You can go ahead and file divorce papers if that’s what you feel you need to do. You should call and inform the immigration attorney that you will be filing the divorce so that he or she is aware of your actions, and make sure you inform the attorney that you are not living together. You or your attorney are required to inform USCIS that you have separated and are no longer living together. This may complicate your husband’s I-751 filing, but in the end, he needs to deal with it.


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      I'm hearing resentment in the message with things like "huge rate increase" and "racked up a lot of expense" I bet your husband has heard about these things, too.

      It sounds demanding and materialistic. Find out what your husband wants to do your life (your shared life) and how you can grow your marriage together.