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PLZ!!!Receipt notice but no green card to travel back

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  • PLZ!!!Receipt notice but no green card to travel back

    Hello everyone,
    I was holding a conditional green card, I came to my country of origin to spend holiday some family disputes happened my husband prevented me to travel back.

    After all my husband filed jointly the I751, but when he received the I797 extension, and appointment he didn't mail them to me to could travel back.
    I stayed 1 year abroad, i filed an SB-1 visa. after contacting USCIS many times to send a duplicate to someone in the US.
    they sent a duplicate last week but my green card was kept in the embassy when I filed the SB-1 visa ( returning resident visa) i couldn't get any response from the embassy.

    I went to the airport to ask if I can travel with it but i didn't get a clear information.
    Please I want to know if I could travel with the receipt only
    or if anyone knows the solution of my case, please advise me I really need to go back asap because my son kept by my husband in the US.