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Residence I-130? I-485? I-765?

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  • Residence I-130? I-485? I-765?

    I am a UK citizen. I am married to a US Citizen.

    I am completing my paperwork to become a US Resident however I am unsure if I should send the forms individually and wait for instructions as to what to do next or whether I should send them all in at the same time.

    I am worried that if I send them at the same time, and should a form be incomplete or I have missed something off of it I will loose the money.

    Please please help me.

    My Visa Waiver expired in April 2012.

    What should I do? PLEASE HELP!
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    It is customary to file I-130 and I-485 (along with the I-765) together. Filing it separately will cause delays in the processing as I-130’s that are filed alone are processed differently than those filed concurrently with the I-485. If filed together, you should expect to have an interview and get your green card in as little as 4-5 months. If you file separately, it could be almost a year before you get the green card. You may want to see an attorney to make sure you file everything properly if that is your concern.


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      Thanks for your reply. My concern is if I fill 130 & 485 at the same time, I worry in case I lose my money if there is something missing etc. We have been saving to complete these Forms to do it ourselves as we cannot afford Lawyers Fees.