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    Within a few years of the last massive AMNESTY in 1986, hundreds of thousands of jobs held by American citizens went to former illegals; a large percentage of the amnestied ended up on welfare and SSI/SSD themselves, as well as those next-of-kin who were sponsored into the USA. Greedy American businesses attracted more illegals BECAUSE the ones amnestied abandoned the farms and menial jobs for better-paying positions elsewhere. Employers never obeyed the 1986 Law to verify job applicants' SS# by dialing the Government's toll-free number, and neither were the laws enforced, whereby employers hiring illegals were to be fined $2,000 upon breaking the law repeatedly.... MOREOVER, the 1986 Amnesty Law (AKA the Simpson-Mazzoli Bill signed into law extremely reluctantly by President Reagan) applied ONLY to those who had been living illegally in the USA SINCE BEFORE January 1982; however, hundreds of thousands of recently arriving immigrants - legal and illegal - bought DOCTORED documents from crooked farm owners, etc. defrauding INS that they had been living here since before 1982! HENCE, we're going to have the same problems as a result of any type of AMNESTY. And, finally, I myself will NEVER EVER cast my ballot for any Republican candidate SHOULD the GOP come up with any compromise to grant amnesty to illegals, most of whom HATE the Greatest Country and Nation in the history of mankind.... The same fact applies, in my opinion, to GREEDY, EGOISTIC Gringos who continue to hire illegals for cheap labor AND OUTSOURCE jobs - all at the expense of great, patriotic Americans who have been living and loving this Great Nation for generations....

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    I think some of the illegal immigrants living in the USA are far more patriotic than some Americans. Are illegal immigrants burning their communities down? Think about what happened in Ferguson. Complete chaos from savages who put aside their patriotic views to destroy their town. I wonder how many of these people stand in line every day to get a job to provide for their families? I venture to guess less than 5% of those thugs even have jobs. Most immigrants (illegal or not) are hard working and dedicated to supporting their families. The ones who are convicted felons, boot them out. The law abiding, hard working ones should get some relief.