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Have another discussion question. Can the U.S. control immigration?

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  • Have another discussion question. Can the U.S. control immigration?

    If so. What are some positives and negatives to controlling it?
    If not, what are some positives and negatives of letting it continue?
    If you have a link to support your case, please provide it.

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    There are may ways immigration could be controlled, and many of those ways would not cost US taxpayers a nickel!
    1- End all COS/AOS from B2 visas.
    2- End all extensions of B2 visas.
    3- Enforce severe penalties on those who overstay their visas - a minimum of a one year bar to admission all the way to forever, for those who are too irresponsible to obey our laws. One day overstay = 1 year ban Two day overstay = 2 year ban, etc. NO WAIVERS!
    4- End all waivers. You violate our laws, you pay the FULL price - no more being saved by marrying some dodo from a trailer park.
    5- Enforce more severe penalties for those who commit even basic fraud: bring fake documents to your interview - barred for 5 years. No exceptions. Do it again, ten years. Third time - bye, permanently barred from admission to the US, no matter who you marry.
    6- Those who sneak across and get caught: permanent bar to readmission...period. No Exceptions.
    7- Work illegally: barred for 20 years, no exceptions.

    Now, while some of you may think this approach draconian, ask yourselves who would be affected by these changes? Answer: only irresponsible clowns. Responsible adults, who respect and obey laws of this country, need not fear any simple can this be?