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Filing I-130, Petition for my family

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  • Filing I-130, Petition for my family

    I became a USA Citizen on June 08, 2012. I am filing "I-130, Petition for Alien Relative" for my family members “Wife and 3 Children “.
    I came across two questions that confused me.
    Please find below my family’s previous status and current status.
    In Dec. 1997, they entered legally to USA with visitor visa and stayed in USA until Aug. 2005.
    On October 21, 2002, they filed with I-485 Application to adjust to permanent resident status based on I-I40 approval.
    On October 27, 2005, my family members were scheduled to appear for interview. Unfortunately, they had voluntarily left USA and went back to Yemen on Aug. 2005. I stayed in the USA and attended my interview.
    On November, 2, 2005, I received a letters of “Application to Adjust Status Decision”. Whereby, my family members’ applications were denied for failure to appear for their interviews.

    Please advise the answers for the below questions from I-130, Petition for Alien Relative form:

    In Section C. Information about your relative
    Question# 16. Has your relative ever been under immigration proceedings?

    In Section D. Other information
    Question# 2. Have you ever before filed a petition for this or any other alien?