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Asylum case denied but got married before I even applied for asylum

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  • Asylum case denied but got married before I even applied for asylum

    Please, share your advice and experience if anyone had similar case.
    After I got approved my asylum case, I got married. My husband had tourist visa that time. Since we were from same country and had similar grounds,he applied for asylum also.His asylum case was denied, it went to court, appellate court, and then to federal appeal and was denied. Just when we received the last denial from federal appeal, shortly I applied for my citizenship and waiting for interview. As lawyer knew I applied for citizenship, he advised us not to file Supreme court because it is worthless. While asylum case was pending, he was working and still is,permit didn't expire yet.Lawyer said wait for citizenship then file I-130,once I-130 is approved, he will file Motion to reopen and only after that we can adjust his status.What you think is the probability to adjust his status and how long it takes? Is there any way to expedite the adjustment due to facing extreme financial hardships.He is the only who is working and I am going to school and taking care of our little two kids. Please, share your experience.
    Thank you!

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    That is a really unique situation. good luck!


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      Since he was denied for fraud, your petition for him will be denied as well. He will be deported.


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        Well, theoretically, but my guess is that they both must have some other things going on.