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  • Cheating wife

    I married a woman from Australia 2013. We
    Logged her immigration papers in June of the same year. The same week she got her temp green card she started an affair with a mutual friend. I caught them 5 months later. She had the stone to ask me if we could still be friends and help her get citizenship. I told her hell was evident then she married me for entry into the U.S.she moved the told everyone I was abusive. I reported my marriage to be fraudulent. Upon learning of this she is trying to get the abusive waiver. I have emails photos and a signed confession to prove the affair. He lover also stated she had married me for a green card. Is there anything else I can do? We got to family court in June 2014. She also went into project safe and got a tro on me. Before she was awarded the order she was arrested and fount guilty of domestic abusive battery. What do I do now?

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    Mkeith: there's really not much to do. But make sure you keep away from her as much as you can. Never be with her, only the two of you. Always have someone around, since she can and will try to go for waiver as you being abusive spouse. Indeed, that is one way to lift off conditions from her green card, so she could stay. And make sure all the papers you have, all the evidences of your bona fide marriage as she'll need those to lift her condition off of her green card. If you take all those, she'll have a hard time when ROC comes along. And again, never ever be with her, and if you can, get a xerox copy of her arrest for being guilty of domestic abusive battery! Also, if you can find evidences with EXACT dates of her ongoing relationship with that mutual friend while being married to you (the earlier the better) slap your hands on those too. All these will show that:
    1. you did not abuse her, and she was cheating on you clear cut
    2. prevents her from both filing ROC along as you being abusive, or at all being able to file for ROC when times rolls around (she won't have any papers to show evidences of bona fide marriage)

    So, go close your joint account (if you have any), take all the past statements that shows you guys had co-mingling of finances, remove her name from electric/gas/water bills, phone bills, TV bills, internet bills. Remove her from any wills or anything where she may have been a beneficiary, and take all the past bills, and papers away from her so she cannot file those with her ROC. Basically, you want to make sure she has no past papers (bills, bank statements, joint health insurance, joint car insurance, wills, mortgage, rental lease) even if they are currently are done, but nothing even from the past, so she cannot prove that she entered in a bona fide marriage. So take all these!!!! And make sure to have for yourself evidences that she was cheating on you. If you have good evidences, you can go ahead and report her to USCIS. Although USCIS won't deport her straight away, but at least when the time comes for her to file for ROC on her own, she'll have that as a record at USCIS. And going empty handed with ROC, just with the filled out forms (no evidences of bona fide marriage to you from the past years at all), and a claim that you abused her will be nearly impossible for USCIS to grant her stay. All the best!
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