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I-864 and qualifying quarters, nullification

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  • I-864 and qualifying quarters, nullification

    I am in a difficult, verbally abusive marriage. (No physical violence). I am the USC. He has refused to seek employment. He is manipulative and extremely smart, which is why i'm posting for some insight before seeking legal counsel. He hasnt gotten citizenship.

    We married late in 2006. For US tax filing purposes, the entirety of 2006 is considered married status.

    Since 2006 and before, i have earned and filed uS taxes on more than the amounts needed for SSA qualifying quarters.

    By this year, 2014, would there effectively be 9 years, or 36 qualifying quarters credited to him under i-864 rules?

    And if i earn at least 5k early in 2015, would that give the additional 4 quarters to bring them to 40, thereby nullifying the i-864, since he could receive them as credits?

    Or would i need to actually wait out 10 years of marriage of me working before the i-864 is no longer in effect?

    Obviously I'm planning for possible divorce. Sooner than later is better but i don't want that document hanging over my head.

    I appreciate your insights and opinions and hope this is an ok place to get feedback.