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Married to a U.S. Citizen with a domestic Violence charges previosly

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  • Married to a U.S. Citizen with a domestic Violence charges previosly

    I got married to a U.S. Citizen few month ago and just found out that he had Domestic Violence charges in 2005 and was just locked up for suspended license and less than 20 grams of Marijuana and more likely he has not paid any child support to his previous girlfriend at all. I don't have any papers at this moment, so will it affect me to get a 2 year conditional green card and permanent residency later on, or can I petition for my self only without him. Or what should I do now?

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    You cannot petition for yourself without him to get the "conditional green card" at this time.

    But after you get the conditional green card, you may be able to get the permanent residency without him, if you can show that your marriage was a union in good faith, and that you were not at fault for your husband's failure to file the joint petition to remove the condition. see


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      Sounds like you married him for green card...the way you're thinking ahead already how you could file without him...this will kick you in the back by should divorce him, go home, move on with your life. Maybe you'll happen to find someone later who will love you truly, and will care about you and will have a normal life with....maybe not necessarily from the US, but...that should not matter when it comes to marriage...
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