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green card for sisiter + change of status

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  • green card for sisiter + change of status

    hi every one
    I become naturalized citizen 1 month ago
    i am trying to apply for green card for my mother and my sister who is 16 years right now
    my sister is intending to get her green card before she is 21 and start her life in America and go to university
    after searching online i realize, her application trough me may take 4 to 6 or even 10 years even though i am a citizen
    I also found out if my mom become a green card holder lets say in 1 or 2 year from now she can apply for my sister which she will still be under 21
    which one of these two you recommend if you have any information can you please share it with me
    also if i apply for green card for my sister and she does not get accepted or she don't get her interview before my mom become green card holder can we change her status and apply trough my mom for her
    thank you

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    If you aply for your sister, the waiting time for her immigrant visa may take about 10 years. If you mom become a Green Card holder, and the apply for Gren Card for her, it may be faster. Please and