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  • Worried--Pls Help

    I'm going to apply for Citizenship next month. I got married more than 2 years back. I hear so many ways to apply for my wife to bring her here. My wife also applied for tourist visa without success.

    Could you pls tell me what is the best way to bring her here? Should I apply for her now or I should wait till I become a citizen?

    And what forms I need to use and what are the time frames and procedures.

    I appreciate your help on this so much.

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    Wait until you are a citizen. If she has been denied a tourist visa already, probably because the consular officer thought she was an intending immigrant, then only an immigrant visa will help.


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      You can apply now as a resident. The line is a lot longer, but once you have your citizenship you can upgrade it and the petition would become immediately current.

      I agree with Federale86 on the tourist visa. Given she has a spouse in the US, they probably viewed her as an overstay risk. This can be gotten around, but she would need to show some pretty strong ties to her home country to convince them she would return.
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        So Aroha,

        Is it better to apply for her now while I'm a resident?

        In that case, how much time it takes to upgrade the application once i get my citizenship?

        According to Texas timeframe now, I may get Citizenship within 6 to 7 months after I apply N400.


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          If I apply for her before I get my citizenship, what forms I need to use to apply for her?


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              Originally posted by PalDin:
              If I apply for her before I get my citizenship, what forms I need to use to apply for her?
              Hi PalDin and welcome to ILW

              You start off with this:

              I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

              You can download instructions here too.

              Once you are a USC, as Aroha mentioned, you can upgrade your petition and then it would become immediately current. As a LPR spouse it takes time for a visa number.

              All the best
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                I guess I should have applied for my wife 2 years ago then. I donno that should have made a difference then.