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CONFUSED plzz help I-765 OR U-VISA

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  • CONFUSED plzz help I-765 OR U-VISA

    hi i am shan ..i am from india...i came on student visa and due to some immigration issues i was in removal proceedings and lawyer filed for i-765 application and its still pending its just been 2 weeks question is i am also eligible for u-visa and have prepared all the documents for u-visa ....iam confused what to do stay with i-765 or go for u visa lawyer applied i 765 based on removal proceedings that is asylum ....what happens id i-765 is approved ...what is next happens....will i be approved for asylum ...plzz help regarding this .....if i go for u visa i have to wait 3 yrs for applying green card ...but asylum its different case ..plzz help me regarding this issue thanks

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    what a dirtbag you are....'U' visas are not for morons like lied to get your student visa, even though your IQ is somewhere around 80 on a warm day...lies, lies and more lies...that's all you know...U visas for those who have actually helped law enforcement resolve some kind of serious crime...not for shytebags like you who failed out of school and want to stay in my country working at your dothead cousin's motel....get the eff out of my


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      hi thanks for ur reply..this states that how illterate u are ...well i am proud to be indian that we are educated not a dumb illiterate like u ...thanks for hating us ...u will never get such standing which we indian have ..go get some education ...have a great day u illiterate


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        spoke like a true dothead from the lowest of those who believe they are special....nice system of running water your flea infested country has....people living like animals....people like you...what is that awful smell?...oh yea....the stench from your fetid rivers....and all those diapers being worn above and below the waist that haven't been rinsed in ages....