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  • u.s citizen wanting out

    I have been married to a jamaican for 2 year this month and I thought that we got married in good faith, until he received his 2 year card. I have been dealing with him mentally abusing me and my kids and I want a divorce from him and he refuses to sign the papers and he wont move out and I dont know what else to do. I lost everything when I married him and now he is the only one working but he said his money is his money and he doesnt spend time with me or the kids we live like room mates he buy food only for himself while I have to find away to feed me and kids. Immigration told me I had to stay married to him til next year when time for his next card renewal or I will have to take care of him.

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    get away from this douche bag....he was just interested in obtaining a green card ...and you fell for it...file for divorce tomorrow (or soon) and then take steps to rid the US of A of this slime bag.