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Illegal immigrant question please help me if you can?

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  • Illegal immigrant question please help me if you can?

    My name is Rachel and I have been a U.S. citizen my whole life
    I have also lived in Ohio my whole life
    I just had a Daughter on January 22nd 2013

    But there is just one problem...

    Her father is Mexican.. and he is Illegal.

    On January 28th, we had a scare.. he almost got deported.. he was arrested and put in jail.

    He was just speeding 7 over the speed limit nothing to serious.

    He came here when he was 14. He is 25 now. I have known him for 7 years and we have been dating for almost 3 years. He also graduated from high school here. He can speak good english but not really write it that well.

    So.. whats going to happen to him. What is the process to make him legal.. he has an attorney and filled out some paperwork and did his fingerprints. His one year work permit should bs coming anyday now.. what is going to happen after that?

    Can he take my baby back to mexico? She does have his last name?

    And can we get married on his one year work permit? Or can he get in trouble for that?

    I worry a lot and i need some serious answers..

    I know that i shouldnt have gotten involved with an illegal immigrant but i did. And i love him.

    Please help if you can..

    Thank you

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