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I-601 confused about process/order of steps?!? HELP!!!

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  • I-601 confused about process/order of steps?!? HELP!!!

    Last week we had our interview for our K-1 Visa and the consulate told us (which we had expected already) that we would need to apply for a waiver because of his unlawful presence ban. However, the lady made it sound like I (the US citizen) was the one to apply for it. I just read the I-601 form instructions and it sounds like the Alien is the one who fills it out. But I know at some point -- just not exactly sure when--- I submit a letter that establishes "Extreme Hardship". Can someone help clarify this process for me? I am working on getting everything in order for the extreme hardship letter but had waited on filling out the I-601 until I had everything because I thought that all needed to be submitted at the same time. If my understanding is incorrect and I need to go ahead and submit the I-601 to get the clock ticking and then later submit the hardship letter once its done someone please let me know! We've got a March 2014 wedding date so I want to get all of this taken care of as soon as possible!

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    I would suggest for you to try to compile all the information and documents as soon as possible. The I-601 applications take about 4 months to process.