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K-1 and Hindu marriage

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  • K-1 and Hindu marriage

    I'm not sure what we should do or if this a BIG problem. My finace and I had to preform a Hindu ceremony in India. We applied for K-1 months before. This ceremony is not registered, is not legal, no marriage license, no record expect pictures.

    My fiance's interview is next month. When immigration was investigating the integrity of our relationship they phoned a couple people to ask a bunch of questions. Each person answered yes when they asked if were married. We aren't really. This has been a struggle for over a year now with getting his parents to agree to and accept me into their family. They have welcomed me wholeheartedly. I love them all.

    In order for him and I to be married legally I would have had to reside in India for over a month then marry in the court. We researched this high and low, our lawyer didn't even know the answer. Is that religious ceremony going to void our K-1 visa petition? We are truly in love.

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    Yes, you now need to get married legally and get a certificate. Then apply for a CR-1 immigrant visa.