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  • petitioner's death

    what if the petitioner dies in between the process?. Petition was approved in 2007. Does the process continues?

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    If the petitioner dies then the application process stops.


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      jwmatorres thanks for rep, plz do u have any ref or


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        I know from speaking directly with USCIS about my brother-in-law's case. My father-in-law had petitioned for his son, the application was almost processed with USCIS. USCIS had the application for about 5 years and then was requesting some additional information. That is when my father-in-law was very sick and in the hospital. I called and was told that IF the case would have been completely processed with USCIS before he passed away, then someone else could have taken over the final processing with NVC to be the Sponsor.

        I had wrote to the Ombudsman office with USCIS for assistance, with no luck. I wrote to USCIS a Humanitarian request, no luck. I wrote to my State Senator, no luck. The State Senator explained that IF the application would have been approved with USCIS that another family member could have been a substitute sponsor.

        The only option that my husband has was to sponsor his brother himself, so that is what we did. So the clock had to restart again for someone that had already waited 5 1/2 years for his 1st application.

        I hope this helps.


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          when it was happ ?before 2002


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            This happened in Feb 2009.