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citizenship interview - Got employement base GC via Consular processing

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  • citizenship interview - Got employement base GC via Consular processing

    I got my employment based GC around 8+years ago via Consular Processing via company ABC-US. I came to US with the intention to work for ABC-US but as the technology I was working tumbled, the project work demand went down and ABC-US couldn't find a project for me on my arrival. With the responsibility of a a new born and wife I couldn't wait and joined DEF in the same nature of work as was approved in labor and then joined PQR. For the past 5+ years I have been working for PQR. I recently filed N400 and that has only PQR on the form and have citizenship interview soon. What kind of questions can IO ask me or will this create an issue with regards to me not joining the sponsoring employer.
    Some points:
    1. At the time of consular interview, my sponsoring company had to submit a motorized employment letter stating that the full-time permanent employment is still open.
    2. After the interview I got the IV packet and had six months to enter US
    3. During this period I have corresponded (emailed) with HR of ABC-US about my intent to join as soon as they have project
    4. During that time frame the demand for the specific software I worked in declined as it was bought/sold. As a result, ABC-US couldn't find me a project.
    5. DEF had clients/project work and hence after waiting for 5+ months (after getting IV) I joined DEF
    6. Ater a while I joined PQR and am with PQR for more the 5+years
    7. My N400 form has onlt PQR as it needs only last 5 years of employment.
    8 ABC-US sponsored my GC and ABC-India for which I was working while my GC was being processed and 5+ months after IV was given is the same company. ABC-US is the headquarters with its offices in India and other countries

    Thanks in advance for advise

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    Guys.. any input will be highly appreciated... If u know a thread that resembles my scenario..please point it and I will go thr' that. I have searched a lot and couldn't find a single case like this

    Thanks again for the attention