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  • S.744 Question

    Greetings people,

    The S. 744 cleared of the Judiciary Committee and is heading for debate on the Senate floor. And that prompts this posting.

    I know a case of an over 30-years old, unmarried son of a U.S. citizen, legal entry, with an expired student (F1) visa. The I-130 petition filed on his behalf (by his father) has been approved and already has a current priority date.

    Hence, the question:

    Does this bill in its actual form provide for a quick path to green card for people in this category, without being subjected to become RPI and wait for an additional 10-13 years? Would they be able to adjust to a green card status as soon as (and if) this bill passes?

    P.S. New member, but will be very appreciative to get this forum's advice.