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  • I-601 Waiver

    Last edited by Sarah Lee; 05-20-2013, 12:35 AM.

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    You have not mentioned why you need "Waiver for Inadmisiblity"


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      Last edited by Sarah Lee; 05-20-2013, 12:35 AM.


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        'didn't expect it would be this hard for me to return to the US...?" and your lowlife family, liars all, found it oh so easy to thumb your noses at our laws then, but now you don't want to own up to your own irresponsibility and recognize that MY country has laws for a reason..and those laws are not in place to reward and your family LIED to our consular folks, LIED to our border folks, cheated the US taxpayers out of thousands (who paid for your public education and other stolen benefits as well, no doubt)..and now, break out the Kleenex because no one is handing over an undeserved waiver to Mrs. Visa Cheat...who cares? personally, I wish Congress would ELIMINATE ALL waivers, and keep the pond scum where it belongs...


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          Originally posted by Sarah Lee View Post
          I moved to the U.S. with my parents at age 15 (I was a minor so I couldn't just leave without my parents) on a Visitors Visa, I over stayed my Visitors Visa... So I live in the U.S. for a total of 9 years... My husband & I got married at age 24 & returned to my home country, we didn't expect it to be this hard for me to return to the United States..

          He tried to live in my country for 6 months & then again for 3 months, so in total he live in my country for 9 months, but it is extremely hard on both of us to live here.. We'll have a better life in the U.S. he has a great job with benefits, he's in school, we both have lot of friends & family in the U.S... My husband actually has no family in my country besides me..
          We filed all the other paper work that needed to be filed & were in the process of getting the waiver package together...
          I guess your husband is a U.S. Citizen. Let your attorney handle Waiver and it should not be a problem to get it. Once a waiver is approved then you should not have any problem at the interview.
          Good luck.


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            Please Stop chasing people away from this forum @someone""" what do you benefit in Ranting at people u don't knw


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              Thanks for ur contribution,guildlines and advice to me and all other nation""I must confess that u are doing a good Job""Keep it up, The lord will increase your coast,and bless u beyond human imagination"I have seen A Good attorney" thankx for ur advice @Amiable frnd UMesh"


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                dear moschino....I hear a camel calling your name....this camel needs his behind cleaned and you're just the sort of 'qualified' individual for the job....the lord does not dole out visas, nor do much of anything else....only complete morons believe in some deity, because these same morons lack sufficient brain cells to actually think rational thoughts....


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                  I can't believe you're getting the same thrill for dissing people on this forum. Our government is allowing people to pour in here illegally. You should spend your time dealing with them rather than chastising people who come for help on this forum. I don't come here much anymore - no reason to do so, but you've made it your mission to invade any immigration site that won't ban you to make people miserable. Why? Did you lose your job to an immigrant? I can't imagine what's made you such a miserable hater of immigrants. It's not funny what you post anymore - just sad.


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                    haven't we had this discussion before? Haven't we agreed that you are far from being a 'Proud USC' since you have no interest in preserving the sanctity of our borders, the integrity of our economy and our rule of should just turn in your blue passport because you don't deserve to possess one...I am tired of whining visa cheats and even more tired of alleged citizens of this country coming to their rescue, forgetting that the citizens of this country come first, far before any irresponsible whining piece of excrement who has no respect for the sovereignty of this nation. You are a pathetic excuse for a USC....always taking the side of any weeping, whining visa cheat.


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                      illegal aliens are not immigrants....and remind us all again, oh so benevolent many illegal aliens are currently residing with YOU? Probably the same number as talk but no real action....


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