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  • Help if anybody knows

    Applied for citizenship, fingerprints taken, meanwhile green card expired.
    Can I travel and return to US with a Hungarian passport? Hungarian do not require visa to US now.


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    Since your Green Card has expired, you will not be able to enter the United States unless you have a valid Green Card or U.S. Passport.


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      Traveling with an expired green card is not recommended and is risky. In fact, airport and/or airline officials in Hungary may prevent you from even boarding the plane with an expired green card as they are scared of being fined for allowing someone with an expired green card from boarding the plane. DO NOT ENTER THE U.S. with just your Hungarian passport on Visa Waiver. You may want to schedule an InfoPass appointment at a local USCIS office to see if they will provide you with a stamp in your passport (evidence that you’re a green card holder) in order to let you travel explaining that you felt there was no need to file for a new green card (I-90) since you were applying for naturalization. The USCIS office is not obligated to give you the stamp.