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    I came here through the front door through an H1B visa as a secondary math teacher and work hard and put my life in front of difficult situation for 5 years through inner city schooling system in Baltimore, only to be denied of sponsorship for my green card.My visa will expire on March 2014 and still hoping someday i can have a school district that will sponsor me and time is running out and i am at the losing end.Is it not fair that i also avail this proposed immigration reform bill in case i overstay my visa? If illegals who came here and did not pay anything how is it fair to us here who work hard, pay our taxes and not be able to avail the benefits of this proposed bill? I cannot consider myself as illegal.I have always the intention to toe the line according to the rules it is sometimes hard to understand why those who are following the rules are the ones at the losing end.
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